USB-C and A17 Processor: Potential Upgrades in Standard iPhone 15

With iOS 15, Apple releases a number of new features that could improve the functionality of your iPhone more useful. The latest one is an App Privacy Report that reveals which apps have access to your camera, microphone as well as other information on your device.

A veteran journalist Mark Gurman claims that the upcoming iPhone 15 line will have sharp edges, as well as a programmed Action button to replace the mute switch. Additionally, he claims the Pro models will sport the pill-and-hole style that’s less bulky than the model from last year.

Notch Design

The Notch can be used as a cutout for the display to improve fullscreen experience, while also allowing space for the front camera the proximity sensor, and the Ambient light sensors. However, it’s not free of criticisms. Many people dislike the look of the notch due to its potential to cause problems for apps, in particular apps that weren’t designed for notch-screens.

Luckily, the developers of many of the most well-known apps have already adapted their applications to accommodate the brand new design of screens. They can run smooth on gadgets which have a notch. it’s not too hard to implement also. These are some suggestions that will help you achieve that:

There’s more than just the notch that’s getting an overhaul this year, though. It’s been reported that iPhone 15 will get a USB-C port. iPhone 15 series will get one with USB-C instead of an Lightning one along with sleeker bezels as well as rounded edges. It’s a change that makes sense, given that the EU is requiring that all phones have USB-C ports as of now. Other improvements include an Dynamic Island notch. It is replacing the hole-punch style that was first seen on the iPhone X models. The notch is able to change in size according to what you’re doing. This can be a helpful feature to break up boringly seeing an identical shape every time.

New Privacy Features

Apple is renowned for its strict security measures and iOS updates often introduce innovative tools that help you stay safe. They usually do not alter your day-to-day experience but can assist in limiting data gathering on your device.

For example, iOS 14.5 includes an update to App Tracking Transparency, which provides you a 7-day summary of how apps use your location, camera or contacts, as well as any other data from sensors. It is also possible to turn on Record App Activity to get an even more comprehensive report on the activities of apps on your device.

A different feature that you may like is the return of the magnifying glass that was present in iOS 13 which allows you to move the cursor across the screen. Tap and hold the screen while selecting texts or changing your cursor’s location to view an magnifying lens show up.

Another update that could be in the pipeline is an improved method of creating encrypted codes on the lock iphone 15 pro 512gb screen that’s more challenging to break than those sent via SMS. A way to keep HomeKit hotel, home, and car keys on the iPhone so that they are easily accessible (although this may be exclusive to the Pro model). It is also believed that the basic iPhone 15 will have a USB-C port, an A17 processor and perhaps an Apple designed modem chip.

Siri Improvements

Apple has been working to improve Siri each iOS upgrade, making it more accessible to the top features available on the iPhone. Siri has been upgraded in its ability to use voice recognition. It can also give more customizable settings, and even extend methods to optimize battery life.

One of the biggest changes has occurred with iOS 15. With a brand new device processing algorithm, Siri now keeps most audio queries on your device instead of uploading the files to servers. This makes the assistant much quicker and more secure.

A further notable enhancement is the possibility to instruct Siri to make announcements of the arrival of messages, calls, as well as other alerts over AirPods or Beats headphones. The feature first came out with iOS 15 and is a appreciated feature for those who are looking to cut back on the amount of distraction.

Additional improvements to iOS 15 are support for additional language accents and the ability to muffle certain features or apps by a single click. There is also the ability to modify the amount of time between asking the question and receiving its reply. You can adjust this by going to Settings> Siri -> Accessibility. The number of voices supported is also expanding to include Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian The Siri system is now able to support the mix of English and Indian languages. This includes Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Punjabi.

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