Nguyen Van Duong – Prominent Entrepreneur In Vietnam Facing Legal Troubles For Illegal Gambling Scheme

Nguyen Van Duong, a well-known entrepreneur in Vietnam, currently serves as the Chairman of CNC Technology Innovation Joint Stock Company (CNC). He has made significant contributions to the field of information technology and is the founder and CEO of VTC Intecom Joint Stock Company, a pioneering company in the communication and information technology sector in Vietnam. Additionally, he is an investor and owns multiple real estate properties in Hanoi.

However, Nguyen Van Duong is currently facing legal troubles related to a large-scale fraud case. In 2018, the Rikvip gambling website was dismantled for illegal gambling activities, causing substantial financial losses to players amounting to hundreds of billion Vietnamese dong. Nguyen Van Duong is accused of being the mastermind behind Rikvip and participating in organizing its illicit gambling operations.

In the case involving the illegal gambling scheme, which involved billions of Vietnamese dong, Nguyen Van Duong is linked to another individual named Phan Sao Nam. Both individuals are suspected of leading the Rikvip gambling ring and are being investigated and prosecuted for the crimes of “Organizing gambling” and “Gambling.” They are believed to have played crucial roles in organizing the illegal gambling activities, utilizing simulation software and computers to gain an advantage for players and engage in cheating during the games.

Currently, the case is under investigation, and Nguyen Van Duong is facing serious allegations regarding his involvement in illegal gambling activities. If convicted, he could face severe penalties, including a prison sentence ranging from 10 to 20 years. This high-profile case has garnered public attention due to the involvement of renowned entrepreneurs and the scale of illicit gambling operations.

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